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Action Photos

Nate Zorich goes for the puck as Nick Curry looks on

Reed Grenci stops a player from going in front of the net

Goaltender Nick Curry dives for the puck against West Virginia

The starting line-up awaits the start of the game

Coach Kelly and Coach Conner

Teammates congratulate Mike Potter after scoring a goal

The IUP Ice Hockey team would like to thank:

From left to right: Amanda Brendlinger (M), Shiffara Ressler (S), Amy Nedrow (S), Dan Elmquist (A), Steph Kovach (S), Anny Rosenbaum (M), Bethany Mack (M), Stacy Brendlinger (M)

M Manager

S Statistician

A Announcer


The team would also like to thank:

Eric Kelvington and John Chizmar



Troy Doverspike, Ben Freeman, Andrew Baney, Dan Winger, Gino Manaione, Kurt Condo, Dennis Carver



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