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Student Writer Profile


Blaise Steadman


Major: Safety Science


I currently live in Indiana, but my hometown is in Butler Pennsylvania. I have worked many places in my life. For the past two summers I have worked at Armco Specialty Steels in Butler. During my employment I did many things. The first summer I worked on a line banding coiled steel.

I also worked in the labor department. In this department I did a variety of different tasks from cleaning acid tanks to digging ditches. The second summer I was employed as a janitor. Another place I worked was at Phoenix Metal-Pa. At this job my tasks involved stacking coiled metal bars and general housekeeping. Another job I had was at Log Cabin Antiques, at this job my tasks involved refinishing and restoring antique furniture.


My goals after graduation include getting a food job in the safety and health occupation. I hope to have a family and a nice home. I honestly don't see myself around this area. I hope to be down south either North or South Carolina.


The writing process I use starts out by first thinking about the topic, which I am writing about. After this simple tasks I begin to write my ideas on paper. After I feel I have everything I need in the paper I type it out on the computer. After typing and printing my document I proofread it. I found it much easier to proof read my documents if there typed out. After proof reading and retyping I normally have someone else read it and give me his or her thoughts about my paper.


Some tips I would like to give other writers:

Take your time

Have someone else read your paper

Proof read


There are a lot of things here at IUP. Some of these things include how to get through my courses and graduate. Some things I have learned is balance your time don't party too much, but also don't party too much. I found you need a good balance of each. Another thing is go to class if you go to class most of the time you have somewhat of an idea what's going on. If you don't go you have no clue and more than likely fail out.


Some of my interests include ice hockey, weight lifting, and spending time with my friends